Where Are the Noble Men and Women?

Noble -  possessing, characterized by, or arising from superiority of mind or character or of ideals or morals : <a noble ambition>

What does a noble man or woman look like?

While talking with a man today, I asked him what he thought about Texas being an independent nation versus continuing as a subject of an abusive federal government. His answer was pretty typical, "Oh, I'd be fine with either." He immediately expressed his opinion that at least under the status quo there is some level of "things are working OK".

That's when I brought up a short list of the tyranny of the status quo: the continued devaluation of property and earnings through fiat currency and the FED, our every communication being captured and held for use against us, never ending crisis and calls for entangling Texans in foreign affairs that are none of our business and which cause peoples around the globe to hate us, and the use of every faction of the centralist government to nullify the policies and laws Constitutionally established by vote of the people of Texas. Then I reminded him of the abject failure of elected officials of Texas to "stand and fight" against the federal tyranny.

I bet several TNMers can predict how this gentleman responded.

You guessed it, he said, "Oh, I am with you brother! I am in agreement with everything you just said."

Where is the noble man?

Where is the man or woman who has the character superior to the example of the above cited interaction?

This is, in the estimation of those within my community, a fine upstanding man. But yet, a man who sees the injustice and enslavement not only he suffers under, but also the injustice and enslavement he is leaving for his kids and grandkids to suffer under, and accepts it without a struggle save his hallowed "Anti-Establishment vote".

Yet, I remember just a few short years ago, when I too gathered under the "mother hen" political movement to effect change in the federal government. I have not always acted noblely, of the highest character. And here I am, joined in lockstep with noble men and women in the Texas Nationalist Movement, working to awaken others to nobility of character.

There is hope! There is purpose and reason to continue reaching out to others not yet convinced that Texas independence is the solution to the tyranny we are under.

I've gotten "here" among the noble!

I am observing how noble men and women "draw a line in the sand" and invite others to join them on the side of right and liberty; and I am emulating these persons of nobility.

Things must have seemed confusing and "hopeless" to Stephen, in New Testament times, while facing those gathered to stone him to death for his noble stand. Yet, from his stand, Saul became Paul, a champion of the cause Stephen died for.

We, as reiterated at Texicon, have the opportunity to "live" for a noble cause, a free and independent Texas. We must do no less!

 "Want to do something about this? Want to make a difference? Then step up, join the team that is working to make things happen!" 



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