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AlamoBattlePaintingTexasStateLibraryNArchivesThe Texas Nationalist Movement will not be formally participating in the "Texas Freedom Rally" at the Alamo on Saturday, July 21.

This decision has come after hours of consultations with leaders in TNM, other leaders in the liberty community and various TNM members in the San Antonio area.

Initially, TNM had been invited to participate in the event by speaking at the rally and hosting an information booth.

Today (Thursday, July 19), we received a phone call from one of the organizers of the Texas Freedom Rally informing us that, due to time constraints, TNM would be pulled from the lineup of speakers.

Although we have been offered the opportunity to have an information booth, we have been unable to secure any information as to the location of the booth or any of the logistical information necessary to carry it out after multiple attempts.

In addition, we are hearing from many of our members that there has been almost no information regarding the scheduled workshops and that their inquiries have been met with no response.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is very straightforward in what we believe and what we are working to achieve. The invitation was for us to participate in a "Texas Freedom Rally". As Texas Nationalists we know that freedom for Texas lies in the principles contained in Article 1 Sections 1 & 2 of the Texas Constitution and the tenets of Texas Nationalism. With the exclusion of TNM and the addition of some speakers and organizations who are clearly part of "politics as usual", we have serious reservations as to whether this event is congruent with our mission, vision and values.

While we appreciate the invitation to participate, we are not confident that the event will be a worthwhile expenditure of time and resources for our members. We also do not believe that our continued official participation and association in this event will accurately portray our organization to the our fellow Texans.

We are not discouraging members of TNM from attending this event. We do want all of our members to be aware that we will not, as an organization, participate. However, individual members who will still be attending the event are encouraged to connect with Cary Wise, the TNM Membership Director, to pick up TNM literature to personally hand out to other rally attendees.

Please watch the TNM website and Facebook pages over the next week for the announcement of TNM organized events that will be exclusively geared toward the freedom and independence of Texas.

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