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glenn-beck-hatI recall, and many Texans have seen on Youtube, the interview of Daniel Miller, the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, by then New York resident Glenn Beck. In that interview Miller talks about protecting the political, cultural, and economic welfare of the State of Texas. During this interview Beck treated Miller with disdain for his stand against the Federal Government's intrusion into the sovereign affairs of not only the State of Texas, but of the people of Texas. My how things have changed!

It seems as if our Mr. Beck over the last few years has come to realize what many Texans have known for many years. The federal government is out of control. The socialists and progressives are determined to transform this country and the Constitution no longer applies.

Glenn Beck's answer - move to Texas! Why? Because he now tells us that Texans are the only ones with the backbone to stand up to Washington, D.C. and Texans will not comply with the outrages of this federal government! Wow, Glenn! Where were you when you mocked Daniel Miller for saying the exact same thing?

Now I will give Beck credit for having made his personal journey into understanding that our only saving grace will be States that take a stand and tell the feds no. However, on this past Tuesday the 18th of September, Beck has Governor Rick Perry on talking about the coming economic disaster and what Texas is doing to prepare. Beck is talking border security and State banking while Gov. Perry is doing his usual "yep, yep, yep" routine. Mr. Beck's last statement to Governor Perry was, "Keep Texas, Texas". Now, Mr. Beck, there are millions of Texans that could not agree with you more!

Mr. Beck, let me help you along on your journey here in Texas now that you have proclaimed yourself an "official" Texan. Governor Perry has written a book called "Fed Up". In it he lays out all the things Texas should do to protect itself from the federal government. It really is a great read and has tons of great ideas that would protect Texas sovereignty. Want to know how many have been implemented? NONE!

Mr. Beck, as you have spent all of your time here in Texas talking about national politics, and have said if the wrong guy wins the election in November we might not survive, you have completely ignored your new State's politics. You see, Mr. Beck, Austin Texas is a "mini-me" of Washington, D.C. We have Texas legislators that support the entitlement/welfare program. We have legislators that support and defend illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. We have "conservative", and I use that term loosely, legislators that do not have the backbone to actually introduce sovereignty bills because our Speaker of the House will not let them see the light of day. Our Speaker is more interested in bringing gambling to Texas to support his families race track business than he is in protecting Texas.

You see, Mr. Beck, if you now proclaim yourself a new Texan, and you are going to stand up for Texas, then you need to use your bully pulpit to start exposing the political filth we have right here in Texas. Our plight will not be fixed until we clean up our own house!

I would also suggest that you revisit the Texas Nationalist Movement and maybe even read Daniel Miller's book, "Line In The Sand". You might see that long ago, Mr. Miller was right, and you were just beginning your journey of awakening.

Yes, Mr. Beck, America is in trouble and will continue to be in trouble no matter who wins the election in November. Texas can and must be saved as a last bastion of freedom and real liberty, just like you say on the radio. However, talk will not get it done. It must be done through the peaceful, legislative process that includes the people of Texas. But it will take tireless work and effort, along with people who have the fortitude to stand up and tell the truth, no matter the cost. The people of the Texas Nationalist Movement know this. Do you?

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