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Liberty, Legacy, Children

rob-smith-familyWhat will you leave your children with? Are you rich and intend to leave them a fortune? Will you leave an understanding of Liberty and the opportunity to experience Liberty in its truest sense? Will they ever really know what Liberty, unalienable rights, Nature, Nature's God, and the Laws of Nature's God are?

Will they understand sound money, sound banking, and real private property rights? Are you teaching them the differences in Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Democracy, Fascism, and a Constitutional Republic? Are you teaching them that it matters whether they vote for Liberty; right and wrong, or that the lesser of two evils is okay?

Do they know how to plant and grow a garden? Do they know how to defend themselves, those they love, and their fellow human beings? Can they manage money? Do they know what real money is? Do they know how Banks should work?

Have you taught them that one can never compromise Liberty? When Liberty is compromised it is lost; and once lost, great treasure and blood is required to get it back. Do they understand the concept of Justice? What is Justice? Have you taught them the difference between the Law and Legal? What is the Law? What is Legal? Are they one in the same?

Have you taught them the difference between Welfare and Charity? Do they know what the redistribution of wealth means? Have you taught them what the Preamble of the Constitution really means? Do they even know what it says? Have you taught them exactly what the "Civil" war was about and what it meant for the Republic, Liberty, and the Constitutions? (The US Constitution and the Constitutions of the Several States)

Have you taught them about Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, and Conservatives? Have you told them why after all of these years, no matter which party is in power the important things never change?

Do they know the States (and the people there of) are superior to and (supposed to be) in control of the Federal Government?

Politicians talk and promise, the parties promote their candidates, the media chooses sides, we vote but nothing changes. Why? Think about it.

I have nothing to leave my children and grandchildren but an understanding of Liberty and how this government is supposed to work. I have no riches to leave them except the riches of holding on to Life, Liberty, Justice, and the pursuit of happiness.

Will we leave our children with a Legacy of true Liberty or will leave them with liberty as defined and enforced by politicians from both parties?

As for me I choose to leave a legacy of Liberty, Justice, and the pursuit of happiness (property), along with an understanding of what those things mean, to my children and grandchildren. I have nothing else to offer them. I have nothing else to offer you.

Let's offer our Children and Grandchildren an Independent TEXAS!

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