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5 Reasons That You Should Join TNM

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cary-wise-rallyI am a Texas Nationalist. I live in a real world with real problems, but I know that those problems can be solved, by being a "real" Texas Nationalist.

People ask me, "Do you really believe Texas would be better off as an independent nation"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

"Do you really believe that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and elections don't really matter anymore"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

"Are you really ready to put up with the abuse, the threats, and maybe even arrest to stand up for Texas Independence"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

"Do you really think the United States government has become tyrannical with no hope of it being fixed"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

"Do you really believe that our elected officials are fakes and frauds and just part of the "establishment"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

"Do you really believe that things will continue to get worse on the federal level as far as our loss of freedoms are concerned"? Yes, because I am, a Texas Nationalist.

If you are a "real" Texas Nationalist, you will know why I answer these questions with a yes. If you think "maybe" Texas Independence is a neat idea but you really don't know why, you have not completed your journey into the truth and reality of a "real" Texas Nationalist.

If you refuse to raise your voice and defend freedom and liberty with all you have to offer, you are not a "real" Texas Nationalist.

If you are too busy to take time to meet, gather, teach, protest, or tell your children about true freedom and the disaster we have coming at us from Washington and Austin, you are not a "real" Texas Nationalist.

Paying lip service to the very serious times we are in, is not enough. Complaining is not enough. Waiting for the next RINO to be elected is not enough. It is time for "real" Texas Nationalist to get busy, get involved, and get loud.

Time is running out, and it is running out fast!

Do you really want to know what a "real" Texas Nationalist stands for? I urge you, no, I beg you, to go to the Texas Nationalist web site at and download the free book, "LINE IN THE SAND"

When you finish this book, let common sense and our future as you see it, guide you into a decision of whether you will become a "real" Texas Nationalist. If you see the truth, then we await you on the other side of the line in the sand that has been drawn, and we will work together to save our Texas. If after reading and thinking about the book, you decide you would rather sit on the couch and choke down whatever the government gives you, please stay out of the way and don't waste the time of those "real" people who will in the end, include you in the freedoms we pursue.

There are no more grey areas! It is black or white, freedom or tyranny, an Independent Nation of Texas, or a collapsed United States. The choice is OURS, not theirs. The "real" people, will make that determination. READ THE BOOK! READ IT NOW, before it's too late. Our families, our futures, and Texas, is at stake. I believe these things to be worth the effort and time.

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