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TNM Announces Membership Drive

Rally_March_5_Capitol_017-medThe time is getting near when Texas Nationalist who refuse to give up their freedom, will have to stand arm in arm and en masse to tell the federal government and the Texas Legislature that we will not be abused any longer! The success of that moment will depend upon us putting the "people" or mass numbers in place to garner national and international attention!

To do that we as Texas Nationalist must, tell the story of Texas Independence to everyone we know. We need to have the people of Texas understand that Independence is the only viable option left to us. Our duty is to spread that message!

To attain our goal of a 1000 new members, we are also going to have some fun!

Starting Aug. 3rd, 2011, the TNM will begin a recruiting contest for new memberships. There will be prizes for the 1st and 2nd place recruiters Statewide, and also prizes for the 1st place finisher regionally from NE Texas, SE Texas, SW Texas, and NW Texas. Prizes will include weekend trips and lodging to San Antonio and Kerrville.

All TNM members must be sure that any new members they convince to join the TNM must make sure that their name is included on the new members paperwork. The contest will run for 90 days. It's a short contest because time is short, and the TNM needs that new influx of membership to help prepare our next action plans.

Besides the fun of a contest, it is imperative that we continue to tell the TNM story and help our fellow Texans learn that we do have the answer to the stress and abuse we are all experiencing with Washington and Austin.

I urge all of you to participate and hit this effort hard for 90 days. Have fun! Win a great trip! All while doing what is right for Texas and Texans! 

Although the TNM is continuing to engage Texas politicians on the topic of Texas Independence, the legislative session is over and many of those politicians have gone to hide their faces after this last disastrous session.

As we have said thousands of times, in the end, Texas Independence will be about the people!

We are asking all members to download the tri-fold handouts that are available on the TNM website and use them not only to pass out, but complete the membership registration on the back and get them into the home office in Nederland!

Make sure that you include your name as the recruiting member on those forms, and, if your new recruit joins online at our web site, make sure they include your name also. That way everyone gets the proper credit for their hard work!

We have also posted a new 20 minute introduction to the Texas Nationalist Movement and Texas Independence on our web site. I strongly urge you to use that presentation in assisting your efforts with prospective members.

This should not only be a fun contest, but it also is time that more Texans become aware that there are answers to the problems and concerns people have all across Texas.

Membership and sharing the story of Texas Independence “is” our job as TNM members. The time to gather may not be far away. We will need the people to make our case. I urge you to get engaged, and help make our goal a reality.

First Prize ------- Weekend for two at the Palacio Del Rio Hotel on the River Walk in San Antonio.

Second Prize ---- Weekend for two at the famous YO Ranch Resort in Kerrville.

Third Prize (One in each region) ------ Weekend dove hunt for two in Hondo as a guest of Cary Wise, Membership Director of the TNM.

*** For new memberships to count in the contest, they must be sustaining memberships at the Texian Volunteer level and above.

PS: One more bonus for everyone participating. For every member you bring in to TNM at any level, we will extend your current membership for one month absolutely FREE. Can you tell that we're serious about hitting 1000 new members?


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