The Battle Of San Jacinto

At about 3:30 on the afternoon of April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston assembled his…

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let-texas-decideThe latest controversy concerning the United States, Texas and Governor Perry is the Keystone XL pipeline. The actual pipeline mostly exists; it is just the sections in the north that cross into Canada that need to be constructed. It is designed to bring oil from Canada to Texas for refining. The labor unions involved say that as many as 20,000 jobs could be generated by it and even if they are only half correct, that represents a nice shot of health into the economy. Additionally, the pipeline could help North America and Texas become more energy independent. Naturally, I and many of you would say that if we were independent, we could take care of our own needs and we would be correct – BUT – we are not there yet.

Enter into our play, Hillary Clinton with her faithful entourage, Barak Hussein Obama with his faithful entourage and our own Rick Perry. Each has an agenda that I very much doubt takes into account the wellbeing of Texans. Both the Clinton and Obama people are anti-oil to begin with, but perhaps Clinton sees this as an opportunity to agree with Obama so that she can later point her finger at him as a poor economist when he loses the election, since I doubt we have seen the last of Madame Secretary's presidential aspirations. In addition to being anti-oil, Obama may see the pipeline as an aid to Texas and since Perry is his strongest opposition, who is running on a platform that Texas has the best economy (as if it were all his doing), it would be in his best interests to kill the project, much as he has stalled the drilling in the gulf and west Texas through his minions who scurry about, doing his deeds. Finally, we have our campaigning Governor, who seems to be enjoying the limelight in the Washington cesspool and a lieutenant Governor who is anxious to follow him, regardless of where this leaves the people who believed in and supported them to be their Governor and lieutenant Governor, respectively.

As Daniel Miller, Cary Wise and Jim Deslatte have constantly said, now is the time to stand up and restore the Republic of Texas. Our elected officials have abandoned us to satisfy their own agendas and unless we wish nothing more than to serve their avaricious needs, we must stand together and demand a referendum vote to secede from this madness.

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