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Another Attack on Texas by the Overlords of DC


If you have ever been to or worked around refineries, as I have, you will remember the gate keepers, who are either sitting in their own car, van or motorhome. You pull up to the gate and someone will either come out as they see you or you will ring a bell and be met momentarily.


The people who do these jobs are usually older workers, who were fortunate to find these jobs, due to the economy and the so-called "non-discrimination" policies of most companies in which older workers just don't seem to be able to get a job. Most work as independent contractors for a firm named Gate Guard that employs them as sub-contractors at a per-day rate of $ 100.00-175.00 for 24 hour duty.

Now enters the Federal Government, who sees an opportunity in this endeavor. The Labor Department is claiming that Gate Guard, which is based in Corpus Christie, owes a whopping 6.2 million in back overtime pay because it feels the category of "sub-contractor" is inappropriate. Let's be realistic; the Federal Government doesn't really give a hoot about some older workers, as they have demonstrated in countless ways. What they are really after is the control of the work force, giving them not only increased personal and corporate taxes, but also additional bodies for Obamacare as well as the opportunity to institute minority hiring regulations, since "ma & pa" contractors are not subject to the same requirements of larger firms. The coming amnesty for illegal aliens will play into this as well.

This is an important issue for the all of the Gulf States, but especially for Texans, whose rights are being usurped by the minute. As I said in a previous article, "what is your envelope for socialism?" Well, folks, here is another "push at your envelope"; it is high time we pushed back. Keep talking to your friends, relatives and anyone who will listen. As Cary Wise says, we need to link arms, proceed to Austin and stand tough for our homeland.


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