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Cary-Wise1My wife's father used to tell his kids when they were doing homework and could not find the answer to a problem, to "Think, think it through"! As frustrating as that might have been, instead of handing them the answer, they were forced to think, remember, and reason out problems to the logical conclusion. I believe that to still be good advise, however, advise seldom used anymore by a majority of people.

With this mind I would like to think about the coming election in November as related to the people and the future of Texas. I have no doubt that Obama will not carry Texas in the election. Texans will firmly reject him and his socialist agenda. During the next few months Texans will fill the air waves with anti Obama rhetoric. They will push hard to get rid of this administration. But I believe that we must think this through and be honest with ourselves. As hard as Texans may push for Obama's defeat, TEXAS WILL NOT DECIDE THIS ELECTION ! This election will be decided by the progressives in the Northeastern states. By the liberals in California and Oregon and Washington . By the union members in the rust belt states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. In other words no matter how hard Texans work, our desiny will be decided by those who could care less about Texas, and even less about Texans! Our future will be determined by people who have nothing in common with Texans! It will be decided by those who would rather have a nanny state and get a free ride. It will be decided by those who want a central government, and to whom state sovereignty means nothing anymore!

Upon thinking about those facts, and admitting the harsh truth, I know that this is not want Texans want, or will submit to in the long run. It is however a harsh reality that many just don't want to think about or admit. But, we must!

The other day I had someone say to me that they were busy raising a family and chasing the financial brass ring. They just did not have much time to spend on Texas Independence issues. Hey, been there done that one. My sadness came from the knowledge in my heart that if this government continues on it's present path, the government will raise your family, and there will be no brass ring to chase!

Now people will immediately say upon reading this that we'll be alright if Romney wins. Really? He says he'll repeal Obama Care. Great idea except I wish he had not already done something similar when he was Governor! Great idea except to get us back to a Constitutional Government there are still hundreds of federal agencies to get rid of and thousands of unconstitutional laws to repeal! Yes, what I'm saying is that he's a bit of Bush light! He may not be what we call a socialist, but he is a globalist. He believes in being the worlds policeman. He will interfere in other countries business and continue to send our military around the world. Oh he might help out business but will he kill the EPA, the FDA, the IRS, or Homeland Security? Think, and you can answer those questions for yourself.

As Daniel Miller explains so beautifully in his book Line In The Sand, neither restoration or nullification will fix the enormous problems the US faces! It seems to me that no matter who wins in November, Texas and Texans lose in the long run, either way! I know we are again faced with voting for "The lesser of two evils". When I think about that and the long term effects I know will come from it, it becomes unacceptable to me!

I beg all Texans who are involved in the Independence movement for Texas to think this through and double and triple your efforts to get other Texans to see the truth. For all Texans who have not been thinking because it's uncomfortable to see the truth, I hope you lose some sleep over this! Better yet, admit the truth and join us in leading Texas to a new future through Texas Independence.

For those that will not admit the truth and/or don't like Texas anyway, please let me remind you as I have many times before. There is an abundance of homes for sale in California and they really need the tax revenue right now! Think about that!

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