Action Alert: TNM Promoted Bill Heads To Committee This Week

The Texas Nationalist Movement has been successful in working with state legislators to get a…

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This is the start of a regular series of articles where the Texas Nationalist Movement…

rob-smithI don't want the Government telling me what kind of milk I can drink, what kind of fat I can eat or how many calories a day I can have.

I don't want businesses, associations, or other special interest groups making laws and running the government through our representatives, but rather I want Texians to make laws (like we need more of them) and run the government through our elected Representatives.

I don't want what you earn and I don't want to give you what I earn. If I choose to give you some of what I earn then that is my business. It's called charity. I don't need the government to do it for me.

I don't want my tax dollars going to organizations, causes, places, or to people which I do not support, do not believe in, or just plain don't like. My tax dollars must go to only those things Constitutionally mandated which in Texas are as follows: Public Education (which isn't working), Management of Natural Resources, Transportation (how's TXDOT working out for you?), Justice System, HHS-Medicaid (because Texas politicians couldn't resist taking that first "Federal" Dollar).

I don't want our teachers "teaching" to standardized testing, I don't care what initials you give it. Their time and talents should be used teaching/educating the children. Remember the 3 R's?

I don't want our Peace Officers turned into revenue generating "Law Enforcement" Officers. Most of those 'laws' are illegal (unconstitutional) anyway.

They are Peace Officers, looking after the citizens and the constitutional rights of those citizens. I don't want to hear "but look at all the Federal dollars we will lose" for two reasons: One, those federal dollars came first out of the pockets of Texas taxpayers, and two, Liberty is maintained with hard work, and once lost through complacency , apathy, greed, or bribery, is regained at great cost in both treasure and blood.

I don't want to rent "my" property from the state in perpetuity and beyond through property taxes. Private property rights are absolutely essential to the free market and a free society!

I don't want the Federal Government telling Texas that non-citizens, dead folks, and dogs can vote so we don't need Voter ID in Texas.

I don't want the Federal Government taking over 17% of the economy and directing me to buy Healthcare for myself much less for someone else and then penalizing me with a tax if I choose not to. And I don't want the State of Texas to let them get away with it.

When I die I don't want the government telling my kids and grandkids how much of my stuff they can keep and how much they must turn over to them.

I don't want the government paying tuition for kids that ain't from here when my kids have to work and borrow money for tuition.

I don't want to have to buy a permit, pay a fee, pay for a license every time I turn around to do something well within my unalienable and Constitutional rights, or to do something which causes no harm or loss to anyone (except loss to the government which is okay).

I don't want the Federal Government or its Agencies, outside of Art.1 Sec.8 US Constitution, telling the State of Texas what it can and cannot do, and I don't want the politicians in the State of Texas to let the Federal Government tell it what it can and can't do. I think the 10th Amendment is still around somewhere. I don't want either one in my pocket or directing my life.

I want politicians in DC and Austin and all Texians to understand the plain words in the Declaration of Independence and to respect and fear them.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but you get the point. In a nutshell, I want the Government and its agencies, with all the bureaucrats, at the local, state and federal level, to basically leave me and the rest of the people of the State of Texas alone.

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