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Cary-Wise1I am sitting here at my computer on the evening of the 3rd of July, 2012. I am thinking about tomorrow and all of the 4th of July's I always looked forward to in the past. I am a Viet Nam veteran and an ex-police officer from a long line of family patriots, but on this July 3rd. my heart is heavy. I am sad because tomorrow, I will not celebrate our nation's independence. I will not celebrate because I can no longer be proud of a government that so abuses its people. I cannot be proud of an American president who is an announced socialist. I cannot be proud of a congress that passes bill after bill in which our freedoms are taken away and the will of the people is ignored. I cannot be proud of a supreme court that makes unconstitutional decisions so their own image can be protected from a corrupt media.

I cannot be proud of a country that sends its young people to death and destruction all around the world in wars that are none of our business. I cannot celebrate the intentional destruction of our economy while I watch the people and business suffer. I cannot be proud of much that has happened to this country in the last 85 years. Do I sound mean and cruel and discontented? No, I am but a citizen who has paid attention. I am but a man who can see where we are headed, and I refuse to accept that destination. I am one man who can see that the founding of this country by our forefathers and the constitution they gave us, is not how we presently proceed. That concept is gone and will never return to this nation of "United States".

Tomorrow, I will think of George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and all the rest. I will say a prayer to them of thanks for what they gave us. I will issue my own apology to them for screwing it up and not following their advice and warnings.

Tomorrow, I will rest my mind on Texas and the future we have with her. I will pray for Texas and Texans that we can again pick up the spirit of our founding fathers and follow the path to a Republic as designed by these magnificent people of history.

I will forever weep for my country as I and my family have given her much. But, I rejoice in the future because I know that a new nation is about to be born. I and my family will be a part of that. That I will be proud of on the 4th of July.

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