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You trusted fake conservatives, and what did you get?


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You trusted fake conservatives, and what did you get?

Cary-Wise1For many years now the Texas Nationalist Movement has been trying to warn the people of Texas where this Federal Government was headed and educate them on why Texas needed to separate itself from the pending disaster.

Last week, we saw and heard the President of the United States unilaterally declare amnesty ("Dream Act") for 800,000 illegal immigrants. His declaration not only bypasses the powers delegated to Congress by the U.S. Constitution, but blatantly violates his own oath of office to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution.

Many of you are watching is disbelief. Many more don't care. Many others will now be headed across our borders, between the age of 16 and 30, to declare that they have indeed been here for the last five years. Obama just opened the gates of our borders and has completely undermined the laws and statutes of this nation.

Obama just placed the burden of providing more services and goods for countless new illegal immigrants on to the individual states.

Are you surprised? Are you outraged? You should not be.

The Republican Party of Texas just added a plank to their own state platform which calls for a form of amnesty through placing illegal immigrants that are already here into a "Guest Worker Program". In essence, the supposedly "conservative" party gave permission to the President to do exactly what he did. And this is the results of returning "all" of these lying, fake, conservatives to office mere weeks ago.

For our inattention and non-engagement as a people, we created a situation that empowered a dictator who makes his own rules and a group of politicians who comply!

For anyone who misses the point here let me be crystal clear: "It's over. It's been over for quite some time."

It will only get worse as we go into this week and watch the financial collapse really begin to pick up speed.

It is past time, but surely time, to admit the truth that Texas will only survive if we band together as a sovereign people NOW! People must quit paying lip service to standing up for Texas and pay sweat equity to save her!

Gather with us in numbers to bring political pressure and demand that Texas take a stand and say "no" to the Feds!

My friends you do not need to be warned any more, for you are watching the truth of what the TNM has said in real time.

Washington and Austin will not save us any more! Only we, the people, can do that. Take a "stand" with the rest of us before it's too late.

We will see you inside the Texas Nationalist Movement or we'll all see each other in a new world that will not be acceptable. The time to make that decision is now.

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