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rob-smithWhat's next Texans?

Obamacare is constitutional or so says the Supreme (sic) Court of the United States. Those of you who have read Daniel Miller's book, Line In The Sand, or have heard me speak on the points he makes in the book on Restoration, Nullification, and Secession; should now understand that Restoration will never happen, Nullification is not an option, and that Secession is the only road to Liberty. Those of you who haven't read it or heard me speak about it need to now like never before.

Republicans who are you going to blame now? Bush appointed Chief Justice (sic) Roberts. Throughout the history of the United States the SCOTUS has played politics with our liberties. There is truly "nothing new under the sun" as the scriptures tell us.

Those who love liberty should be appalled but not surprised at this ruling. Many of us expected this ruling. My hope is that it will wake people up, namely republicans who worship the party more than freedom and the restraints upon government enumerated in the Constitution.

Always remember the Bill of Rights does not give us those rights. The Bill of Rights tells the US government and that includes the SCOTUS, (republicans and democrats) that these rights are inherent to the people and reminds them that they cannot touch them. But touch them they do and they continue to put their jack boots on our throats.

So what is it going to be Texans? I speak to the populace not the politicians in Austin because I know their answer. It is time to put the pressure on and never waver from our goal and desire to live a life of Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness (property) in the Independent Republic of Texas. To hell with Washington DC, SCOTUS, Republicans, Democrats, and the idiots we have in Austin! It is time to "cry aloud and spare not" and let them all know that we will settle for nothing less than Liberty in Texas. Today we begin in earnest the long and hard task of gaining our Independence.

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