Action Alert: TNM Promoted Bill Heads To Committee This Week

The Texas Nationalist Movement has been successful in working with state legislators to get a…

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The incredibly drawn out theatrics of raising the United States debt limit is over and most people are glad, if for no other reason than the fact that they won't have to listen to anymore of the seemingly endless nonsense. Who won? Our elected officials won; the Republicans and Democrats whose insatiable need to fund the special interests that work for their re-election. That is who won. Who lost? Every American taxpayer lost; especially Texans. Not only have these characters pushed the United States economy closer to oblivion, but when the proposed cuts become farmed to committee, there is no question that National Security will take another hit. Given the geographic location of Texas, as well as the Obama administration's demonstrated indifferent attitude to our land, there is no question that we will have even less help from Washington, DC, than we do now.


It is interesting that these events tie into Obama's latest overture's to Puerto Rico concerning statehood. Barak Obama was recently in Puerto Rico to promote statehood, encouraging a vote by its citizens to become the 51st state. The reason, of course, is to increase his support in the house and senate as well as his voter base. Should such an event occur, Texas would be in line to forfeit seats, since by rule, the seat count cannot be increased. Fortunately, as of this writing (and recent polls), less than half of Puerto Rico's citizens seem to want statehood. What intelligent Puerto Rican would want to join a country whose economy is dissolving? Add to all of this the fact that Barack Obama's party is working on plans of amnesty for illegal aliens for the same reason; increasing his voter base. There is an ever-growing abyss between Washington, DC and Texas; one which we cannot afford to be pulled into and every day we are given reasons by the United States Federal Government to cut our ties to it. The time is upon us to save ourselves.




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