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The National Anthem of Texas

txourtx1Every nation needs and anthem. Texas is no different.

Here in Texas we didn't get our "state song" until 1929. Penned by William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright, it is a song of unabashed Texas Nationalism.

It speaks to our history and our destiny.

Until the 1980's elementary school children all over Texas started their day with singing it. 

It is our song. Now it is time for us to bring it back. It starts with you.

Learn every note and verse of this song. Then sing it.

If you have children or grandchildren in school, ask them if they are singing it before class each day. If not, why not?

If your local school starts sporting events with the US national anthem, ask them to include OUR national anthem.

Embrace our history and culture through our national anthem - Texas, Our Texas.



"Texas, Our Texas"

Texas, Our Texas! all hail the mighty State!
Texas, Our Texas! so wonderful so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev'ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.


Texas, O Texas! your freeborn single star,
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far,
Emblem of Freedom! it set our hearts aglow,
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.


Texas, dear Texas! from tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor, your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes, we come your children true,
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.


God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.
God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.


 "Want to do something about this? Want to make a difference? Then step up, join the team that is working to make things happen!" 



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